Diesel Pump Seals (set of 2)

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Mazda Bongo Diesel Pump Seals Pair – Bosch Brand.

For all series 1, & 3 Diesel Bongos (NOT NEW SHAPE).

The function of the diesel pump (also known as a fuel injection pump) is to deliver highly pressurised fuel to the injectors, which in turn inject the fuel into the cylinders. … Over time these seals can harden and become brittle, and then diesel fuel will start to leak from the pump.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Diesel Injection Pump
Engine may run roughly, or not at all.
Hard starting.
Engine misfires.
Lack of power.
Excessive smoke from the exhaust.

Suitable for:-

2.5 Turbo Diesel – (WL-T) – Chassis (SGL3, SGL3F, SGL5, SGL5F, SGLW)