Movelite T2 Lowline Inflatable Awning

Price: £569.00 inc. VAT

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There are two single Oxygen Air Frame Tubes which have a Lifetime Guarantee and can be used to quickly and easily to inflate and deflate using a pump (included). The Dynamic Speed Valve feature allows inflated air to be instantly released at the simple click of a button making it significantly more convenient. As well as this, the Intelligent Frame Relief Valve helps to prevent any over-inflation to the tubes and a Single Roof Support Tube increases the stability of the awning during windy weather conditions.

It also includes an integral Sewn-In Groundsheet which helps to combat condensation from the ground spreading to the living area and the Side Door Inflatable Eyebrow Canopy can also help to catch the rain the before it reaches the door. In addition to this there are two Rear Cowl Access Doors which create a convenient access to the awning.

You can also purchase a stone protection sheet for this item, details here.

Dimensions: 1.8 to 2.4 metres high, 3.1 metres wide, 3.4 metres deep. Packs away to 78 x 40 x 40 cm. Weight = 20.3 kg. Attached to Bongo with either figure-of-8s  or awning clamps.

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