Travelling Kit (2 Litre Petrol Bongos)

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If you are off on your travels then keep one of these kits under the back seat. It comprises of

  • 1 x Aircon Belt
  • 1 x Alternator Belt
  • 9 x Internal Mini-Blade Fuses (3 x 10a, 3 x 15a, 1 x 20a, 2 x 30a)
  • 1 x USB Memory Stick (all Bongo Fury fact sheets, Wiring Manual up to 2003)
  • 1 x Baseball Cap (not shown in photo; you get this instead of the headlamp and cabin bulbs)
  • 1 x Picnic Set (2 plates, 2 knives, 2 dessert spoons,1 tea spoon, 2 forks, a chopping board and a butter knife Pictured below)