A – Z of Parts Stocked in the Shop

This is a list of all the parts we stock in the Bongo Shop and the section you will find them in. If it’s not listed, then we can probably get hold of it from Japan.
Email us for further details.

Also Known As…….
Aerial Antenna Exterior
AFT Microswitch Electrics
AFT Motor Electrics
AFT Repair Tape Roof Tent Repair Tape Exterior
AFT Seal Roof Tent Seal Exterior
Air Filter Filters
Air Intake Temp Sensor Air Intake Temp Sensor Miscellaneous
Aircon Belt Belts
Aircon O Rings Coolant System
Alt/Fan Belt Fan Belt Belts
Alternator Electrics
Alternator Belt Fan Belt Belts
Antenna Aerial Exterior
Anti Roll Bar Drop Links, Brackets & Bushes Stabiliser Bars Suspension & Steering
ATF Pipes Transmission Pipes Miscellaneous
ATF Sump Gasket Gearbox Sump Gasket Miscellaneous
Auto Gear Selector Gear Selector Sticker Interior
Axle Oil Seals Rear Hub Oil Seals Miscellaneous
Banjo Filter Fuel Strainer Filters
Bonnet Clip Bonnet Stays Exterior
Brake Caliper Seal Set Calipers Brakes
Brake Discs Brakes
Brakepads Brakes
Bulb Kits Lighting
Bump Stop Rear Suspension Bump Stop Suspension & Steering
Cabin Light Florescent Tube Lighting
Cam Belt Timing Belt Belts
Cam Seal Miscellaneous
Cam Shaft Gasket Rocker Gasket Miscellaneous
Cam Shaft Oil Seal Miscellaneous
Chrome Mirror Covers Exterior
Clutch Kit Miscellaneous
Clutch Master Cylinder Miscellaneous
Coolant Pipe Waterpipe Coolant System
Coolant Tank Header Tank Coolant System
Cover Vehicle Cover Exterior
Crank Oil Pump Seal Miscellaneous
CV Joint (universal) Constant Velocity Joint Suspension & Steering
CV Split Boot Kit CV Gaiters Suspension & Steering
CV Stretch Boot Kit CV Gaiters Suspension & Steering
Cylinder Head Coolant System
Cylinder Head Gasket Head Gasket Coolant System
Diesel Guard Fuel Filler Guard Exterior
Diesel Pump Seals (set of 2) Fuel Pump O Rings Miscellaneous
Dipstick Miscellaneous
Distributor Cap Electrics
Door Handles Front Door Grabs Interior
Door Lock Key & Lock Set Exterior
Drop Links Anti Roll Bar Drop Links, Brackets & Bushes Suspension & Steering
EGR Blanking Plates (pair) Exhausts
Engine Temp Sensor Temp Sender Unit Coolant System
Exhausts Exhausts
Exhaust Manifold Gasket Exhausts
Exhaust Manifold Gasket Stud Exhausts
Fan Belt Alt/Fan Belt Belts
Fan Speed Resistor Rheostat Electrics
Flourescent Tube Cabin Light Lighting
Fuel Filler Cap Exterior
Fuel Filter Filters
Fuel Gauge Sender Unit Miscellaneous
Fuel Pump O Rings Diesel Pump Seals Miscellaneous
Fuel Strainer Banjo Filter Filters
Fusable Link Glow Plug Fuse Electrics
Fuse Set Electrics
Gearbox Pipes Transmission Pipes Miscellaneous
Gearbox Sump Gasket Miscellaneous
Gear Selector Sticker Inerior
Glow Plug Fuse Fusable Link Electrics
Glow Plug Relay Plugs
Glow Plugs Plugs
Half Shaft Oil Seals Axle Oil Seals Miscellaneous
Heater Resistor Fan Speed Resistor Electrics
Handbrake Shoes Brakes
Head Gasket Set Cylinder Head Set Coolant System
Header Tank Coolant System
Heater Motor Electrics
Heater Pipe Rear Heater Supply Pipe Coolant System
Hoses Coolant System
HT Coil/Lead Electrics
Ignition Coil Electrics
Indicator Cluster Light Lens (rear) Exterior
Inflatable Mattress Matttresses
Injector Pump Seals Diesel Pump Seals Miscellaneous
Internal Bulb Lighting
Key & Lock Set Door Lock Exterior
Lambda Sensor Oxygen Sensor Miscellaneous
Lens Cover Rear Light Lens Cover Interior
Light Lens (rear) Indicator Cluster Exterior
Lower Suspension Arm Wishbone Suspension & Steering
Manuals Owners & Workshop Manuals Manuals
Master Cylinder Clutch Master Cylinder Miscellaneous
Mirror Glass Wing Mirror Exterior
Oil Filter Filters
Oil Pressure Switch Miscellaneous
Owner Manuals Manuals
Oxygen Sensor Lambda Sensor Miscellaneous
PAS Seal Set Power Assisted Steering Seals Suspension & Steering
Privacy Screens Silver Screens Screens
Radiator Coolant System
Radiator Cap Coolant System
Rear Heater Blanking Kit Coolant System
Rear Heater Supply Pipe Coolant System
Rear Hub Oil Seals Axle Oil Seals Miscellaneous
Rear Light Lens Cover Lens Cover Interior
Rear Suspension Bump Stop Bump Stop Suspension & Steering
Reservoir Header Tank Coolant System
Reversing Mirror Exterior
Rocker Gasket Cam Shaft Gasket Miscellaneous
Roof Bed Matttresses
Roof Microswitch AFT Microswitch Electrics
Roof Motor AFT Motor Electrics
Roof Rack System Exterior
Roof Tent External Liner Exterior
Roof Tent Repair Tape Exterior
Roof Tent Seal AFT Seal Exterior
Rotor Arm Electrics
Shock Absorber Suspension & Steering
Silver Screens Privacy Screens Screens
Spare Wheel Removal Tool Exterior
Spark Plug Plugs
Spats Wheel Arch Trim Exterior
Stabiliser Bars Anti Roll Bar Drop Links Suspension & Steering
Starter Motor Electrics
Sump Plug/ Washer Set Miscellaneous
Tailgate Bump Stop Exterior
Temp Sender Unit Engine Temp Sensor Coolant System
Thermostat Coolant System
Tie Rod End Track Rod End Suspension & Steering
Timing Belt Cam Belt Belts
Towbar Exterior
Track Rod End Tie Rod End Suspension & Steering
Transmission Gasket Gearbox Sump Gasket Miscellaneous
Transmission Pipes Miscellaneous
Turbo to Manifold Gasket Exhausts
Vehicle Cover Cover Exterior
Washer Pump Wipers
Waterpipe Coolant System
Waterpump Coolant System
Wheel Arch Covers Awnings
Wheel Arches Wheel Panels Exterior
Wheel Arch Plastic Trim Spats Exterior
Wheel Bearing Kit Suspension & Steering
Wheel Hub Bolt Suspension & Steering
Wheel Panels Wheel Arches Exterior
Window Deflectors Exterior
Window Switch Interior
Wing Mirror Mirror Glass Exterior
Wiper Blades Wipers
Wiring Harness Electrics
Wishbone Lower Suspension Arm Suspension & Steering
Workshop Manual Manuals