Aircon O-Ring Set (later Bongos)

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Mazda Bongo Aircon O-Ring Set – Later Bongos (after 97).

The AC Oil O-ring is a rubber/neoprene fitting that is used in your car’s air-conditioning system to prevent the loss of refrigerant through leakage. The O-rings are fitted between the pressure valves of the condenser and AC hoses of the compressor. They are generally elastic, compressible and pressure-resistant

This 15 piece Air Con O-Ring Set consists of:

2 x 61-J1X (no 1), 4 x 61-J1x (no 2), 2 x 61-J1Xa (no 1), 1 x 61-J1Xa (no2), 3 x 61-J1Xb (no 1) & 3 x 61-J1XB (no 2). Because of unavailability of some of the O rings we have used compatible parts from other vehicles to make up the sets.

See here for diagram of aircon system