Glow Plug Relay Unit

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Mazda Bongo Glow Plug Relay Unit – Sometimes it’s not just your plugs that need replacing.

At cold temperatures, the air/diesel mixture will not ignite so easily. To safeguard combustion when the engine is cold, glow plugs (one per cylinder) are used as ignition aids. … The glow time relay is responsible for switching the current for the glow plugs on and off as well as taking care of timing.

What are some symptoms of bad glow plugs? In a nutshell, slow starting, and complete failure to start. Once the vehicle does start, missing, rough idle, hesitation, and lots of white smoke until the engine warms. If you have a four cylinder, one glow plug bad will cause slight hard starting and a miss.

Suitable for:-

2.5 Turbo Diesel – (WL-T) – Chassis (SGL3, SGL3F, SGL5, SGL5F, SGLW)

All models up to VIN 300306